Visits by the Assessor

If you have pulled a building permit for work done to your property, a representative from Bowmar Appraisal (the Village Assessor) may visit your property in the future to view the completed project and assess a value for the project.  This could take place several months after application for the building permit.  The assessor will have identification with him/her.  Please note this is different than the inspection done by the Building Inspector. 

The assessor maintains the assessment file for the property and needs to keep it updated.  If the project is in the interior of the home, the assessor may ask to come in to view the project and the materials used.  You are not required to let the assessor in.  However, please be aware that if the assessor is unable to view the project, he/she will have to estimate the value of the project. 

If you have any questions, you may contact Bowmar Appraisal at 1-800-303-2090 or the Village Hall at 715-386-5141.

Thank you for your cooperation.