Filing a Citizen Complaint



The purpose of this policy is to provide a specific procedure for processing and resolving a complaint by any person regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer or civilian employee as provided in Wisconsin Statutes 62.13(5) and 66.312(3); to maintain the quality of police services, to improve the relationship between the police and citizens; and to provide citizens with a fair and effective avenue for resolving legitimate grievances against law enforcement officers.

The objective is to protect the public and to maintain the integrity of the Department and the individual law enforcement officer.  An essential balance must be maintained to ensure fair and impartial treatment of the issues and parties concerned.  Throughout these procedures the rights of the individual law enforcement officer and citizen must be acknowledged and not compromised.


It is the policy of the North Hudson Police Department (hereto referred to as Department) to accept, investigate, and resolve complaints by any persons regarding the conduct of law enforcement officers and civilians employed by the Department.

Citizen Complaint Procedures

All employees of the Department are charged with the responsibility for courteously and willingly receiving any complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer employed by the Department, to include complaints made over the telephone or received by mail.  Complaints received by telephone or in person shall be referred to the Patrol Sergeant.

A complainant should be encouraged to file his or her complaint in person.  All complaints should be documented on the Citizen Complaint Form (See downloadable forms below) and signed by the complainant.

The Patrol Sergeant shall use the Citizen Complaint Form to determine further action regarding the complaint.  In situations where the concern of the complaint can be immediately resolved through an informal inquiry, the Citizen Complaint Form shall serve as the only record of the complaint.  This resolution shall not be construed to preclude an independent investigation and/or discipline by the Department for such situations.

The Patrol Sergeant will forward a completed complaint and all Inter-Office reports relating to the incident to the Chief of Police.

The Chief of Police will also review the complaint and reports.  If necessary, an investigating supervisory staff officer shall be assigned.

Disciplinary action taken by the Chief of Police on a citizen complaint shall be reported to the President of theVillageofNorth Hudson Police Commissionpursuant to 62.13(5).

Complaints Against the Chief of Police

Anyone receiving a complaint directed against the Chief of Police and arising out of specified conduct on the part of the Chief of Police, shall file the complaint with the Village President for investigation pursuant to Wis. Stat. 62.13(5).

Complainant Notification of Disposition

The Chief of Police or designee shall inform the complainant named in the complaint in writing of the disposition and the reasons therefore within a reasonable period of time.

Complainant’s Right to a Commission Hearing

As part of the written notification of the disposition of the complaint, the Chief of Police or designee shall inform the complainant that if not satisfied with the results of the investigation, he/she may, within 30 days of the date of such notification, file written Charges with the President of the Village of North Hudson Police Commission.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS IF YOU WISH TO FILE A COMPLAINT: (Submit to the appropriate supervisor as directed in the above policy)

Citizen Complaint Form (MS Word) Fillable Microsoft Word document
Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) Printable form to be completed by hand